M-Agents are freelancers on Medicalgram.com who provide service and charge for the same. 

E.g. A broker selling Face Masks or Nitrile Glove

What is

M-Agent or M-Agents are freelancers on Medicalgram.com who provide service and charge money for the same. 

The exact amount that is to be charged is negotiated with the buyer through the inbuilt messaging platform. Buyer is also allowed to verify M-Agent.

If you are facilitating a deal, supply a product, can help buyer and seller meet then you can become M-Agent of a particular product and get leads.


Anyone can become M-Agent and start making money through Medicalgram.com

3 Benefits for M-Agents (Freelancers) on Medicalgram 

"Medicalgram's M-Agent is a powerful concept to allow suppliers, agents, distributors start interacting with the buyer. You can literally get deals worth millions in no time completed via Medicalgram!"

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Unlimited Leads

With Medicalgram's M-Agent you can get access to unlimited leads.


Your customer can directly message you based on your profile on Product page's M-Agent Section.


You can also purchase RFQ leads when buyer requests for the quote that matches your services.



This is your personal money-making space where a buyer can create projects and add milestones for your payments.


With unlimited chat options, this becomes your first contact method with the customer.


You can take the conversation off Medicalgram with a simple click. 

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Your customers on Medicalgram can create unlimited projects, milestones and you can receive unlimited payments within stipulated days based on your membership plan. 

Once you join Medicalgram, you can start interacting with potential buyers as M-Agent from day one even if you are not a manufacturer or distributor but have right contacts to connect buyer and seller. 


Medicalgram is a product focussed B2B Global Platform. 

Once you join Medicalgram, you get complimentary tokens that can be used to become M-Agent of a single product. You can buy more tokens to become M-Agent of more than one product.


Please check your membership plans where you can get complimentary tokens every month that can be used to become M-Agents, Advertise, Buy Leads and more.  

2000 Tokens

For more details, visit seller dashboard of Medicalgram.com/sellerdashboard 

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